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Dental care for children in Langley

At Langley Dental we believe that prevention provides the best form of protection in children’s teeth and so we encourage them to start looking after their teeth as soon as they can. 

Children should start brushing their teeth as soon as they get their first baby teeth and they should visit the dentist for check-ups as soon as they are able. Getting children into the regular habit of both caring for their teeth and visiting the dentist means that it becomes second nature for them. It also means that they will grow up with less fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist. 

NHS dental care for children is free in the UK so it makes sense to use it! 

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Dental treatment for children in Langley

Although prevention in dental care for children is our priority, we also use the regular dental check-ups to check for any signs of irregularity or any possible issues. Identifying any problems early, helps to promote a more successful outcome. 

 Treatments for children include: 

 Fluoride varnish – Getting the correct amount of fluoride for your children’s teeth is essential. Too little can cause teeth to become weak and prone to decay. Too much fluoride can cause fluorosis where white spots form on the enamel. We can advise you on how much fluoride your child needs and should they need more, we can offer a varnish which when painted directly on to the teeth offers more protection against tooth decay. 

 Fissure sealants – This clear liquid offers an extra layer of protection to teeth which may get easily missed with a toothbrush. This sealant can help prevent cavities. It is usually offered to children between the ages of 6 and 7 years should they need it and will last between 3 and 5 years.  

 Children’s braces – We keep a check on children’s adult teeth as they begin to grow through and can make recommendations once the final teeth are through for braces should your children need them. 

Dental Check by 1

This nationwide campaign to encourages adults to take their children to the dentist before their first birthday. It was launched by The British Society of Paediatric Dentistry to encourage a positive start to children with their dental care.  

Starting Well

Starting Well aims to reduce oral health inequalities and improve oral health for children aged 0-2. This is achieved by: 

  • Increasing dental access and attendance for children. 
  • Providing preventative care within practices e.g. preventative advice and fluoride interventions. 
  • Raising public and professional awareness to promote dental attendance in young children.  
Children’s Dentistry