Dental Treatment and COVID-19

Following the announcement by the government on 28th May, we are incredibly pleased and excited to announce that we will be re-opening our practice soon!

At Dentalcare Group patient safety and comfort is of paramount importance, and we have spent the time during closure upgrading the clinic and introducing the following measures to keep our patients and staff SAFER than ever.

The clinic as you are aware has always been a very clean and safe environment. However, we have placed hand sanitisers at entry points, upgraded our PPE and redesigned the patient journey in line with social distancing.

We will be conducting pre-screening tests of patients which is likely to include taking your temperature on arrival.

We have had to cancel numerous appointments since the lockdown began 3 months ago and will initially be prioritising appointments for our existing patients who have had dental emergencies or appointments cancelled, in order of urgency. Please do not attend the clinic unless you have an appointment.

We thank you all for your patience during this difficult time and look forward to seeing you again soon!

We will be in touch as soon as we are ready to see you!

Facial Aesthetics

at Langley Dental

Anti-wrinkle treatment in Langley

Anti-wrinkle treatments at Langley Dental are carried out by our experienced clinician.

The treatment involves a natural protein which acts upon nerve endings and lessens their action on related muscles. Used cosmetically, this reduces the strength of face muscles which cause tell-tale lines.

Common areas to be treated are frown lines, bunny lines, horizontal lines across the forehead, lip lines, drooping eyebrows, neck lines and banding. Or a combination to suit personal needs.

By tailoring treatment to the individual and using precise dosage, a more natural look can be achieved. The visible effects of ageing, or other causes, reduced.

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Facial Aesthetics

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The facial areas for anti-ageing treatment in Langley Dental

No two people are the same, in looks, skin tone, texture, or needs. We mapped out areas to indicate where anti-wrinkle injections helps, your treatment will be for you.

Anti-wrinkle treatment has a remarkable effect on areas we treat, although taking your overall looks into account is important. To create a clear and natural appearance.

This is why you should not consider the areas of your face we mentioned as target zones. Our approach is always to think of the wider picture.

Subtle use is focused on the view you have in a mirror and others see. We aim to provide the natural look and aesthetic balance you want.


Facial Aesthetics

The cost of anti-aging treatments

A professional consultation is the best way to begin cosmetic treatment, for safety and to establish the cost.

Below gives you a guide to likely costs. As with all Dentalcare fees, we try to keep these as low as we can, without compromising quality.

Treatment Fees
1 area £150
2 area £200
3 area £250


Is Botox treatment safe?

Anti-wrinkle treatment has been used for a long time to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy and for two decades cosmetically.

Allergic reaction and muscular side effects have been reported but are rare. Anti wrinkle injections at Langley are injected with a fine needle, under controlled conditions.

There is little discomfort. Precautions we advise are to avoid alcohol for a week prior to treatment and anti-inflammatory medicine, or aspirin, for two weeks.

How long does anti-wrinkle treatment last?

The treatment generally takes three to seven days to show full benefit, but the effects then last up to about six months. 

A top up treatment is perfectly normal and as safe as the first treatment.

Is treatment suitable for everyone?

There can be exceptional reasons where an anti-wrinkle treatments wouldn’t suit but this is unusual. We try to make treatment available as widely as we possibly can.

Age, or skin tone are not a barrier to treatment and rarely conflicts with other cosmetic needs. Often the opposite, a complement to caring for yourself.